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Project that supports Marin water supply gets $2M grant

Sonoma Agency, 1/3/24: Sonoma Water has received a $2 million grant to advance a plan for “fish-friendly” water diversion to the Russian River, one of the sources of Marin’s supply.

PG&E formalizes plan to eliminate Lake Pillsbury in Mendocino National Forest in landmark move

Press Democrat, 11/17/23: The utility said work deconstructing two more-than-century-old dams on the Eel River could begin as early as 2028

Marin water suppliers support Mendocino plant proposal

Marin Independent Journal, 10/28/23: Marin water agencies are backing a proposal from a coalition of organizations in Sonoma and Mendocino counties to buy portions of a PG&E hydropower plant to enable water diversion.

Sonoma, Mendocino county water managers propose pathway for continued Eel River diversions

Press Democrat, 8/7/2023, Sonoma, Mendocino water managers seek to preserve water transfer infrastructure as part of PG&E license surrender for Potter Valley power plant.

Eel River dam debate echoes across the nation

Press Democrat, 7/16/23: Due to complex water grid, changing flow has far-reaching consequences

Russian-Eel River Stakeholders Launch New Effort to Find Path Forward Without Defunct Power Plant

Press Democrat, 5/18/23: The newly formed Russian River Water Forum will consider alternatives in a future without the PG&E hydroelectric plant that for decades has shunted Eel River water into the Russian River

Conservation group names Eel River among 10 most endangered rivers in America

Press Democrat, 4/18/23: A conservation group is calling for the removal of dams from the river to aid the restoration of fish habitats.

Potter Valley Project: Russian River Water Forum forms to advise on decommissioning, Scott Dam spillway to remain open

The Mendocino Voice, 3/26/23: Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) is about eight months into a 30-month planning timeline for the license surrender of the Potter Valley Project

Spillway gates on Scott Dam to remain open, curtailing flow into East Branch

Mendocino County Public Broadcasting, KZYX, 3/18/23: PG&E has signaled strongly that it is considering the expedited removal of Scott Dam due to seismic concerns

Scott Dam gates to stay open, meaning Lake Pillsbury diversions to remain at drought levels

Press Democrat, 3/17/23: Seismically risky dam conditions contribute to uncertainty for future water supply, fishery conditions in late summer, fall

Ukiah to expand recycled water project, offset a whopping 50% of water use by treating wastewater

The Mendocino Voice, 2/7/23: The city of Ukiah has received a $53.7 million grant to expand its water recycling project across multiple schools and parks, enabling the city to offset 50% of its average water use with treated wastewater by fall of 2024.